Teardrop Banners

Outdoor banner flags are part of the mobile advertising drive that is gripping the world at the moment. Light and easy to set up, outdoor teardrop banners can be used to advertise anything, anywhere. The price of such custom teardrop banners media is low and this makes it open to a wide range of clients for an even wider range of products and services. There are various outdoor banner flags including wind dancers, A-frame pop up fabric, monsoon banner stand and water filled roller banner. There are various types depending on shape, material and size but whatever the variety, outdoor banner flags are the way to go in advertising.



Types of Outdoor Banners and Flags

Outdoor banner flags can be defined by size, shape, material or position.

• Size – This refers to the dimensions of the banner flag and it can either be referred to with a general name like mini quill or small sail , or in the case of wind dancers, by their specific sizes e.g. 4 meter wind dancer

• Shape – This refers to the structure and form of the banner in terms of its appearance. There can be teardrop, sail, rectangular, quill, crest rounded among many others.

• Material – This refers to the type of material the banner is made of and may include PVC, polyester, vinyl or canvas

• Position – This can be defined as the location where the banner is put, hang or even draped. There are hanging banners, overhead banners, wall mounted, tabletop, pavement and even chalkboard banners.

Banners – Design and Application

Whenever you wish to obtain an external advertising media, think no further than outdoor banner flags. The easy steps in setting up and using the media make it ideal even for startups and amateurs. We simply require your requirements, dimensions and data to send you a draft design and within a short while, you can have a mock-up of your advertisement regime. Our company is deeply connected to our clients thanks to our telemetry and whether on social media, fax or electronic mail, be sure of swift and interactive consultation to satisfy your needs as our client.

Once the design is done, you quickly choose between two types of display; single sided print or double sided print. Single sided print uses a singular fabric layer whereby the printing will penetrate the fabric and show on the reverse side as a mirror image.

Double sided print uses two layers of fabric with a blocker in between them. This allows for printing to take place on both layers, independent of each other, separated by the blocker. Both sides of the teardrop banner has visible, upright and correct artwork as opposed to mirror images.

Support System

The banners are obviously great outdoors media and to withstand the elements or human activity, they require the right equipment for support. The support system includes flexi poles, bases and mounts.

• Flexi poles are used to stretch and position the banner within its right dimensions as a stand-alone component. This is for visibility and once set up, it can be mounted for mobility and stability.

Mounting is done on various bases depending on the location of the banner.

• Ground mounts are generally called cross bases. This is a physics application where the base requires balance and stability thus a cross shaped material with adequate weight to resist wind and gravity is best for the job. Cross bases are great for hard surfaces like concrete, paths or tiles, whether ceramic or carbro. It weighs roughly 4kg and can further be enforced by water bags to add balance or correct positional discrepancies.

• Ground spikes are the perfect option for earth based grounds like trails, fields or farms. These apparatus contain a flag ground spike weighing 1kg and has a swivel that allows the attached outdoor banner flag to turn with the wind. This maximizes on visibility, the number one rule for advertising.

• Car bases are a great option for mobile advertising. The base is heavy and sturdy with a fastening mechanism firstly to stick to the vehicle and supporting clips to hold the banner in place. The car base also has the swivel feature to cope with the motion and subsequent winds, rotating the flag to keep the advertising drive alive.

• Static supports can be used for walls, ceilings and so on. The wall bracket has a sturdy setup for a more permanent advertising banner. The brackets come in various angles and can be used to determine the style and visibility level of the banner. Ceilings can have the same bracket, with angle and elevation the differing factors.

• Other support systems include A frames that maintain the visibility of double sided print flags. The use of chalkboards, frames, gazebos or even canvas chairs depends largely on the creativity of the client and their target market.

Printing and Presentation

Outdoor banner flags depend largely on clarity, visibility and vibrancy. These are the main attributes that can attract your target market to your advertisement and we take nothing for granted. Beyond our stunning and strong support bases and flexi poles for the banner, we produce high quality artwork with pristine printing quality.

High quality printing with dye-sublimation ensures the designs stand out and can last the test of time and exposure to the elements. The use of our high quality polyester of 130g is much superior to the competition’s barely standard 110g polyester. This improves the appearance of our colors and ensures longevity of the clarity and quality of artwork.

The standard package for our products is not only limited to quality printing, impeccable design and sturdy support. It extends to after sale service which includes nylon carry bags to increase portability, fitting into your car or even bike compartment with minimal fuss. The flexi poles are easily pulled apart and with the integrity of our connection points, can be used numerously before any visible wear and tear.

The company also ensures free delivery within Australia and free art design for each job. You are also free to select the support base of your choice with advice from our expert team to guide you on the best horse for the course.